2020 Vision

Jesus calls us to follow him, that’s a big ask considering that his life lead to a cross.  The good news is that the story doesn’t end at the cross.  It’s more than good news, it’s amazing news, almost unbelievable news! And yet, we believe this to be the case, Jesus is alive and he is longing for a relationship with us, he is longing to see his kingdom established.  This kingdom is like no other kingdom, it’s established not by pressgangs and conquest but by voluntary allegiance.   He simple says ‘come… follow me!’

As participants in this great global movement, we have committed to have an intentional focus from 2017 to 2020.  We will be focusing on growing in six areas.  This is our 2020 Vision!

By 2020 Casuarina Baptist Church: –

    • will be a place where the heart languages and cultural expressions of both men and women, are heard and seen weekly in our services.
    • will have an ethnically diverse Leadership Team, consisting of both men and women, that is representative of our membership.
    • will have the skills and heart’s desire to reach out to Darwin’s northern suburbs and beyond, with the Good News of God’s Kingdom.
    • will have grown numerically, through conversion and or re-engagement, who then joined with us in ongoing fellowship.
    • will have most of its members actively participating in Connect Groups for Prayer Accountability, Care and Teaching
    • will be a place where people are encouraged to take the Next Step with clear options available.