A United Diversity

A united diversity of Jesus followers is probably the best way to describe Casuarina Baptist Church. We are made up of people born in Australia, the UK, Kenya, Liberia, the Congo, South Africa, Finland, Holland, Germany, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Burma and even…  New Zealand!   (I’ve probably missed some countries out, but you get the idea.)

We meet to encourage one another, in our faith and life, we believe that we are called to make a difference in our world.  We meet with God and He with us!  That’s special and from that meeting new ventures are formed, and new insights gained. Our Christian faith is not just about eternity, but also about now!

Jesus brings us together, He, through the Holy Spirit, is the uniting presence that calls us to be a people that share one heart, His!  So, we seek to honour him, and make him know in the northern suburbs of Darwin.